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Winter Silence (2016)


You are standing alone in the winter cold air.

There is nobody around you. There is nothing you can hear.

You close your eyes keeping your mind open and take a deep breath.

….. You start hearing the winds going through branches whispering.

….. You start feeling that you are not alone and you are standing here being a part of nature.

Then you open your eyes and look up the sky.

You see it’s clear and beautiful winter blue grey.

You stretch your arms as high as you can as if you could reach the sky and take your deep breath again.

The cold air makes your mind clear.

Being in the winter silence gives you a chance to hear your voice from your inside.

Listen to your voice carefully…take your voice which makes you happy or makes someone happy.

If you hear a voice which sounds sad and angry, ask yourself once again how you can release it.

You might want to break the silence shouting out or singing to release your negative feeling,  nature quietly kindly accepst it. No-one criticizes you.

Touch trees and keep your hands there closing your eyes again….take another deep breath with feeling the nature…

There is always a peace for you right there in the silence if you believe so.

Your voice will lead you where you are supposed to go for your happiness. Deep inside of you, there is always the answer.



  1. Cynthia hudson says


  2. You are incredibly talented! I am so proud to know you, my like minded friend!

  3. Beautiful piece Yuko. Thank you for sharing.

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