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Hello, how have you been doing everyone?

I had been sick with my bad cold for almost 2 weeks!! February is just not for me and I always get sick in February.

But I heard February is the kind of month for detox for us. Many of us get sick for this reason. It makes sense to me;)

We have this detox time before having blooming season as Spring. Remember, we are just a part of nature, we should also prepare for Spring.

Well, I personally don’t love very cold weather I have now and I will never love. While I have no choice to move to other warmer place, I have one place I would love to go. That is The New York Botanical Garden. It is so warm and peaceful inside of glasshouse and I especially love the sun light from the ceiling there.

There are benches if you would like to sit and it is just a perfect place for reading your book. Weekday might be much more quiet than weekend, so please try if you are living in that area.

I always feel the very good energy from all plants there. Since we have really less flowers and plants during the winter, I really need to be in that energy.

I am planning to go to there really soon after I feel I finish my detox time. It’s time to charge good positive energy for coming happy Spring!


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