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The best treat ever!

Hi, everyone!

It ‘s March!! Spring is almost here:)

I would like to share my favorite treats I got from my March boy!

He has been always wonderful eater who loves all my cooking since he was baby.

He will be 20 years old and he still loves eating but now he also loves cooking for family and friends.

He cooked some dishes for my birthday in last December and he also asked if I wanted to eat some dessert. Who was going to say no to this wonderful offer??

So I said yes to him and asked him what kind of options he had. He said there were 2 options. The first one was the earl gray tea gelato. Yum! The second one was macaroons. Yum, Yum!!

It was hard to choose one since I really love both. But I chose macaroons.

He said it would be his first trying. By the way,  I never tried to make macaroons, I even didn’t think to make by myself. So I always buy them from Laduree or somewhere famous place about macaroon.

I had been watching him to see how he was making them. He was making with watching You Tube and he did everything with following to the directions whatever somebody in that You Tube said.

He was holding his i-phone on his left hand with checking the exact time for baking with paying so much attention to temperature which was the key for making macaroon!

I was just amazed by this whole process with my almost 20 years old son.

And I was more amazed by macaroons when they were coming out from our oven.

These maroons had no cracks. Outside was so crispy and light and inside was wonderfully and nicely chewy. The honey almond taste…..my favorite!!

These his first macaroons were the best birthday gift ever for me. I was like in heaven as you can easily imagine:)

I really should say, when we had a baby, we really didn’t know and we really couldn’t picture how that baby was going to be like. We have been feeding them every meal everyday with mom’s love.

I also never expected my son was going to make this quality of dessert since I have no daughters. But new generation does anything they like and they can. My son is the typical college boy who loves hanging out with fraternity brothers, loves fun parties, playing guitar, making music, sports, girls, etc….oops, of course study in business school even harder….etc…

I was so happy to see something new in him, which I didn’t expect from him has been coming up and it has been very meaningful for me to see as a part of his good quality of life.

My birthday gift from my boy who is graduating from teenager will stay in my heart as my sweetest memory as the best dessert I had ever.

Happy 20th Birthday,






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