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Spanish Onion Potato Salad

I love going to farmer’s market in summer. All vegetables are colorful and fresh, their taste are much sweeter! It is a joy when you buy very fresh vegetables and eat them right away! The dish sometimes has to be very simple for this case.

I love these ingredients for making potato salad for a bit upgrading it. This concentrate chicken stock can be used instead of salt. After boil big 6 or 7 potatos, remove skin and cut them good size. Add one tea spoon of concentrate chicken soup stock, one big table spoon of olive oil, one big table spoon of garlic mayo, one big table spoon of white vinegar ( the one in my photo is strongly recommended, it is very light and taste great)add very thin sliced of Spanish onion (half of one onion). Mix well, you might want to add one table spoon of sour cream as addition to make this potato salad very mild!

Enjoy the sunny day! I’m sure this great sun shining is making veggies better and better!!

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