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Saks Fifth Ave Holiday Window Display


Hi, everyone!

As many of you might know that Saks Fifth Ave department store always has been presenting the beautiful display for the holiday season every year. They are famous as the one of the most beautiful holiday display.

They have just started showing their window display from this week. The theme for this year is “The Winter Palace”

I was so lucky to have been able to take photos from all windows without having any person in my camera frame, which is almost miracle!! ( we usually have to wait in the long line to see each window and there are at least 3 or 4 people in the front of my camera..)

I would like to share with you all who are not able to visit NYC so easily with many reasons.

Enjoy each scene and look at them very carefully;) You will be amazed by finding all details and designs!!

Bergdorf Goodman Window Display will be coming up for next week!! Stay tune!!!

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