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Roll Cabbage Soup

(Step 1) Let’s start with putting your fresh cabbage into the boiled water. Wait for 8mins until it looks like exactly the color you see in this photo.

(Step 2) Prepare and mix very well *1 pound of sirloin beef or pork ( whichever you like) *well chopped sweet onion (half size) *sautéed minced celery with butter and olive oil *a slice of bread ( minced by blender) *a egg *chicken soup stock *one tea spoon of cornstarch *black pepper

Step 3

(Step 3) Peel off each cabbage leaf carefully and wrap


(Step 4)Peel off each cabbage leaf carefully and wrap (Step 3) and don’t forget to pin down cabbage wrap with tooth pick.


(Step 5) Prepare the soup in the big pot. Cut good size you like *2 carrots and 1 potato Sauté with a slice of butter and one tea spoon of olive oil Add water and chicken soup stock Boil for 15 mins.


(Step 6)Let the roll cabbages into the soup! Boil them for 30-40 mins with Medium.

Step 7

(Step 7) If you would like to add bacon, you always can add in the last minute into the boiling soup and just let it cooked well with soup for 5 mins. Also I recommend the addition of sour cream into the boiling soup!! It makes the soup very mild and rich! Enjoy!!

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