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How to make Yuko’s Grandma Homemade Boiled Dumplings!

Yuko’s Grandma Homemade Boiled Dumplings 

Family (4~6 people)

3 packs of grounded pork (1.5 pound)
a half of white cabbage
Chinese chive
ginger (70-100g)
soy sauce (2 and 1/2 table spoon)
black pepper ( a little)
soup stock (2 table spoon)
6 or 7 packs of wrapper
salad oil (3 table spoon)

Ingredients for making dumplings

Ingredients for making dumplings

*The grocery market you can buy—–

  1. Daido Market (9:30am-7:30pm, 522 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY,  tel 914-683-6735)  if you need help, show the photo with all ingredients to someone who is working there, they are all very helpful and nice people.
  2. Oishinbo (10am-8pm, 283 Halstead Ave, Harrison, NY, tel 914-835-4390) I recommend you to call them first if they        have all ingredients at their store. They might not have all of them sometimes.


Chop a half of white cabbage with food processor ( much easier and faster!). Just be sure not to chop too small. Keep it in the bowl with 1 tea spoon of salt for 10 mins.

2. Cut Chinese chive small.


3.  Chop ginger 70-100g with food processor. And add 1.5 pound grounded pork.


4. Don’t forget to squeeze chopped white cabbage before you add to the other bowl.  Add  2 1/2 table spoon of soy sauce,   3 table spoon of salad oil and black pepper to the bowl which has all ingredients.


5. Mix very very well until it looks sticky.


6.Time to wrap and chat with your company!


7. Ready for boiling!


8. Boiling time! Add 2 table spoon of soup stock. Boil for 3 mins!


9. Bon appetite!!


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