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Heaven’s Pour (2018)

Hello, I am happy to be here with my new painting.

This is the painting for our very good friend’s BD gift. He is the most generous and kind person.

Since life for our age 40’s-is getting a bit more complicate with many different reasons.

Family, business, job, health and relationship…when we feel we are stuck in something with some issue, it is very easy to become negative.

But negative thinking will even bring more issues which you don’t even expect and you don’t really want to get.

Before I started to paint, I was trying to image the our universe will bring a great energy to us. There was a beautiful full moon and beautiful reflection of it on the water in my images.

When we think about receiving this special energy, we automatically feel what we are supposed to do as best as we can.

It is a being caring, being thoughtful, believing in the best result we can make, and talk with the other face to face with compassion and respect.

Yes, it’s very easy to say but it’s very hard to do it when the things and situations seem difficult.

But I realized it’s still actually very simple.

When we do the thing for someone without our ego, the thing will start being processed much better, smooth and easier.

People has all different personalities. No-one can change the other one’s personality easy. But if we can appreciate and respect the best part of each personality and accept each weak part of each personality, the things might get better.

Like a best wine. It gets better and better with many different elements from nature. That means they have been reacting well each other for many years in the bottle. Then you really amaze that special taste when you finally open the bottle and drink.

Then you will probably ask about this wine what made this wine so special.

Our life is just like a wine. It takes time to blend yourself into the community you are belonging to. There are so many elements around you. And it’s all depend on you how you make yourself happy with those elements or how you make people happy with your element.

When you feel you are in stuck with some issue, just image of this painting “Haven’s Pour” in your mind.

Yes, that wine glass is you. You can also be able to creat the best wine for pouring into. It’s all up to you..

Always keep opening  your mind and feel what you would like to receive from “Heaven”.

There is  just one thing we want to receive from this whole universe.

Happy Valentine!








  1. yukodecoadmin says


    Your painting is so beautiful, serene, inspirational and soothing to look at. Before reading your loving words of wisdom, kindness, and guidance, I thought that the wine was going up to heaven, instead of God pouring the wine into the glass. The symbolism is that we give and receive when we are open to all possibilities – the universe.

    How true that our lives are like wine, and we must blend into the community where we live. One could take a step back and add, like the grape seed that was planted, we rely upon outside forces beyond our control. We must understand that we all are connected and our energies affect each other in ways that can enrich and enliven or destroy. Accepting responsibility for the energy that we give would make the world more peaceful, like your painting. In order for the seed to thrive and grow into the bountiful plant that bears the succulent fruit, a symphony of sources must come together in perfect harmony. The finished product, savory wine to be enjoyed with the ones we love.

    Your talents inspire me, change my thinking, raise my spirit and encourage me to be a better person!

    Thanks for sharing your gifts with me and the rest of the world.

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