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Greens for Holiday Season


December is supposed to be the most joyful season.  But actually it is most busy time of the year.

We love this holiday season because we still remember some good memories about cutting Christmas tree or helping to decorate the tree with ornaments or singing Christmas carols or making ginger bread house or unwrapping the gift or counting down with finding the elf and etc…etc…they are all staying in our memories as very special moment.

Once we became adult and once we have so much resposibilities for making this season joyful for our family, the perspective point might have been a little bit changed.

We are the only one who is supposed to decorate ( some men like doing this, though..in general, not!) inside and outside of the house. It is actually a lot of work than our original thought!!

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Here is the place, I officially can call it “my most favorite place for holiday decoration”, Terrain in West Port, CT.

The great thing about Terrain which always amazes me is their creation with all different greens. They arrange flowers and plants with so many different ways and they all look so beautiful.


I will share some photos I took today and you might want to copy or steal these great idea to make your own Christmas decoration!

Hope you will get a chance to think about it at least even you are not making it. It is still fun:)

…and remember, even you get a little bit stressing out because you are too busy, your family, your children will always remember some part of it you put energy into. They might not remember exactly  but they would remember your love which you put into for the decoration!

Let’s make this season joyful as much as you can:)

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