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Hi, everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

I had been away for my son’s graduation this past Memorial Day weekend.

The weather forecast was saying there was some possibility of rain on Sunday, the day of graduation; I was really praying for a gorgeous sunny day.

They worked so hard for four years for this special day.


This new generation have been living in a very competitive world. I was amazed with so many young girls and boys who are doing amazingly well in sports, music, art, community service as well as in academics, all at the same time.

It is really wonderful and fortunate to be able to have the education to improve so many abilities for  themselves.


I always believe that this new young generation will be leaders to change this world.

The changing will never happen without understanding patience, friendships, efforts and love. And young people have been learning through their family at their home and though their members of faculty and classmates at their school each in a different way.

As a parent, I was reminded during the graduation ceremony that we should continue to show these important things to our children as much as we can..

It might be like passing the baton from the generation to the generation with a name of the baton which has a lot of knowledge, wisdom and most importantly love just like we received from our grandparents and parents.


Those students who received the best awards, I hope they will continue improving their abilities and talents for their happiness and that happiness will be contributing as a great benefit to help other people in this world.

Those students who didn’t  receive any awards, I hope they will continue to keep making the efforts.

Those students who didn’t  have good memories during this time, I hope they will reset their minds after the graduation, and start a new chapter.

No rush. No worries.

As long as you are living everyday without giving up,  you will bloom someday.

Your blooming might be the one big amazingly beautiful flower which might get a lot of attention once in your life or  it might be the one with very little flowers which doesn’t get much attention but blooming often in your life, which probably would make you happy often.

It’s all your choice and all depend on how you want to bloom (=to be happy).

Get sunshine, give good water, put yourself in the good environment and be happy:)


I was so happy under the blue sky at the ceremony.

It looked like this world was celebrating  all students there.

Yes, to let them bloom each beautiful flower….

to make this world better place with all different kind of flowers:)


Congratulations to all graduates of the Class of 2016!!

Keep carrying your own “Love & Peace” in yourself  always.

From Yuko XO









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