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Gift for your host:)


You must be very excited about seeing your family or friends this week for thanksgiving gathering.

Around this time of the year, students are so busy with tests and sports, people included dads who are working are attending to many important meetings and business trips, moms are organizing each family members’ activities plus preparing big dinner for entire family and setting beds for some who are staying for a couple of nights, there must be no time to think about small gift for your host ( whoever!).

I found this adorable cookies at Eleni’s at Chelsea Market.

Who wouldn’t smile after looking at these turkeys!?

Sometimes it is too hard to find even the little time to think about the host who has been preparing so much things,  it would be so nice to bring a little something to make this person smile:)

Well, this is a bit too cute to eat, I have to say, though!

Happy Thanksgiving week, enjoy all yummy dishes with your family and friends!

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