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Flower arrangement for February

When we look around in this cold weather, we don’t see any flowers.

So we buy flowers and put them nicely in vase.

I would like to introduce these beautiful flower arrangement I found in February in Paris.

They were displayed in the lobby at the hotel I stayed. I found them immediately and I stopped in the front of them. Then I thought how perfect concept this arrangement had when I was taking this photo.

The light pink is just like a joy of Spring and  just like a sweet heart. The shape of heart moss ball is Valentine, white vases were looking like eggs, the brunch of cherry blossom was looking like they were waiting for Spring, and cage which has a heart and adorable pink flowers inside were there instead of some adorable birds;)

It’s actually so fun to think about flowers when we don’t have any outside. I get more imagination.

Maybe you might want to go to the flower market tomorrow and buy some pink flowers. It would totally change your room and your family’s mood brighter!

Happy February!

For you….who doesn’t know how to arrange flowers, get some cute plants! They are still lighting up your room and heart;) xoxo







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