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Cherry Blossom (2018)

Hello, everyone! Hope you enjoyed your Spring Break.

I spent my Spring Break in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. It was so nice to go down to south to get to see beautiful flowers in some great sun and Spring breeze.

Since this winter has been so long and freezing cold here in NY, I missed flowers so much and I couldn’t wait for Spring any more.

So I painted Cherry Blossom. (桜)

My favorite tree from my country!

While I was working on this painting, I just learned how much I remember about this tree. I grew up with going up and down the hill for going to my elementary school and middle school. I used to go through the beautiful tunnel with blooming cherry blossom trees around this season. In my country, we start our school year in April. We all start our new school year with some exciting feeling, which was just perfect set with blooming cherry blossom.

This painting was made as 3D tree. I used canvas paper for making each paddle of cherry blossoms. I started doing it with looking at some photos but very soon I realized I didn’t need to look at….I remember how they look like.

When I was walking through the cherry blossom tunnel, I remember many paddles were falling in the pleasant spring breeze. It was so beautiful and made us just simply happy. We used to sing songs together with lots of laughing. This happy memories just came back to me when I was cutting each paddle.

When I finished my painting, I can see my mix feeling about beautiful Spring.

I lost my grandmother when I was 10 years old, she was only 59 years old. It was my first experience about death. It was around this season and I remember my very sad feeling with blooming cherry blossom trees.

I had my first baby when I was 27 years old. Yes, my first experience about giving birth. It was around this season and I remember my most joyful feeling which I never had with blooming cherry blossom trees.

Cherry Blossom might be the symbol of the life for me. It is simply so beautiful when it is blooming but the time for blooming is very short. That’s why we deserve it as the beauty of our life. It is sometimes very sad and sometimes very grateful…

Hope you can feel it from my painting:)

Now our Spring is almost here and our actual cherry blossom tree is preparing for her blooming. Meanwhile my painting keeps me happy with reminding me how precious our everyday life is.

Happy Spring, everyone!








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